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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  April 16, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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brutal beating. viral video of the tourists being attacked put this man behind bars. >> tonight why his lawyer is calling it hysteria and the key information the police want from his suspect. hello everyone i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here is what people are talking about tonight. >> police are looking for men in the attack of a man on st. patrick's day. adam may has clues about the ohs that maybe involved.
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>> reporter: video of is this humiduating attack leads police to one arrest. 20-year-old aaron parson seen in this new mug shot faces a slew of charges. he turned himself over to police friday night ordered hail on $1 million bailed. now held at central booking, the judge reduced the bail to 100,000. >> it is a little more than a hysteria. there may be a point of time that aaron may be held but now is not the point in time to stop to impose sanctions. >> reporter: it's clear that other people took part of the assault. everyone stripping the arlington virginia tourist of his clothes. >> there are other individuals we're looking for, hopefully now that we have identified one it will lead to the arrest of the others. >> reporter: is your client going to help out in that? >> it looks like all of these
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people are together. and he did not know these people. >> reporter: the man said some of the suspects are even talking about the beating on facebook. >> it shouldn't be that hard. just talk to people. >> reporter: that man did not want to talk to people but he is considering calling crime stoppers where he cannot be identified. adam may, wjz eyewitness news. and on friday parson's issued a public apology to the victim. the county's embattled police chief is under fire again. the county council passed a no confidence vote for police cheer tier. tier has refused to answer questions about leopold. police arrested a 12 and 13-
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year-old boy for this arson of pleasant zion baptist church. the boys allegedly went into a church last week and torched the building. the fire caused close to $1 million in damage. construction begins on a main artery in and out of baltimore. wjz is live along the jfx tonight. mccorkel has more on the back ups we'll be dealing with for weeks to come. >> reporter: there were some ups and downs for this first commute for the jfx construction. the morning a little bit rocky but thing had smoothed out by the evening commute. some stop. >> hoppable. >> and go. >> i got home like 10 minutes before i usually do. >> reporter: for commuters on the jfk. >> you're looking at the heavy traffic that's coming into the lane closure area just north of howard street. >> reporter: the lane backed up
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but it was moving a happy surprise for drivers who expected the worse. >> you would think it would be very, very packed but it's surprising. >> there was a back up right before 28th street. but it wasn't as bad as it usually is. >> reporter: one lane going both north and southbound making critical repairs. while the ride home was smooth for some the commute in morning was a different story. >> it took me over an hour to get here from townsend. it usually takes about half an hour. >>it's usually jacked up every day. what can you do. >> reporter: two accidents caused the bulk of the problems this morning. they warned drivers should stick to the alternate root. some now strategizing a
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different plan. >> i'm not going to say what my route is, that way i keep to myself. >> thank you, megan. the construction project on the jfx is expected to last six to eight weeks? the death toll is climbing after a tornado outbreak. you see hundreds of homes are destroyed in kansas, nebraska, oklahoma and kansas. forcastest say the death toll could have been higher but a warning system alertedded them of the danger more than a day before it hit. thousands of students held a candle vigil remembering the worse shooting in the school's
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history. this is the first time since the shooting that the school has held classes on that tragic anniversary. an embarrassment for the u.s. government, the secret service revokes the security clearances of almost a dozen of its agents accused in a prostitution scandal in columbia. military leaders are promising to get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: the top military made no excuses when he faced the public on monday. an investigation into the scandal is ongoing and that he's disappointed the matter distracted attention from president obama's visit. >> we let the bus down because nobody is talking about what went on in columbia other than this incident. >> reporter: both the president and security personnel were staying in the hoe it will
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ahead of the president's visit. they called the u.s. embassy which notified the secret service in washington. the director was outraged. he then told his senior staff we're going to get to the bottom of this and hold everyone accountable. top security clearance has already been revoked for those accused. leon penneta says that there is no excuse. >> i will wait until the final investigation is complete until i pass final judgment. >> many are calling this the biggest scandal to hit the
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secret service. the agents will not be assigned to any future president travel until the matter has been cleared. jeffrey neally refuses to answer any questions. he's accused of putting together a lavish conference in los angeles of almost $1 million for entertainment including a clown and mind reading. >> it's regarded one of the both basic tenants of government service, it's not your money. it's the taxpayers money. >> he could face federal charges. investigators are trying to see if the agency is wasting any more taxpayer money. and a look at the posh four season's hotel.
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it's a good sign for the city, kai. >> it is denise, this is a big honor for baltimore's luxurious four seasons hotel and a promising sign for development. the four season's is a trendy hotel. employees have just learned that traveler has named it one of the most beautiful hotels in the world. >> it means a lot. it's the beginning of a great path that we have ahead of us. a great looking hotel, we're here to keep accomplishing ourselves. >> reporter: the four seasons appears to be the next link. business they hope will promope shotting and promote more stores. >> it'll make the east a bigger shopping area. >> the four seasons baltimore competed with hotels around the world for this vote. they were critiqued in a number
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of areas including food and amenities. the hotel received high praises for the popular bar. they did critique the spay saying it could have been better with better skilled workers. and this summer several stores are set to open including anthropology, lulu lemon and mac cosmetics. >> thank you, kai. the luxury's hotel royal suite will cost you $6,000 a night. >> in order to get those raidings you have to go stay in all those places. >> that must be a hard job. >> tough job. ray lewis is expected to testify in a sorted case and the former nfl player who's on trial. and a strange drowning, the
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unlikely animal that led to a man's death in a freak accident. you're watching a high fire risk in washington. the warning from maryland firefighters tonight. some cooler temperatures for the rest of the week. i'm bob turk, i'll have the complete forewarning forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is clear and 78 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete forewarning weather is coming up. the video shows the mask gunman rushing in and ordering the bartender to open the safe. the robbers are also seen attackers customers. they got away before police arrived. so far no arrests have been made. a community is in shock after a man was seen killing a swan. the swans flew at the kayak and flipped it over. hensley was wearing boots at the time and was unable to swim to shore. the lawyer for george zimmerman is asking judge jessica hessler to step down. she revealed that her husband
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works for a florida law firm that zimmerman approached for counsel. zimmerman is expected to plead not guilty he is claiming self- defense. raven's star ray lewis is subpoenaed to be a witness at a trial in cincinnati. he will be testifying against nate webster. he is facing multiple charges involved a teenage daughter of a former bengals assistant coach. both players attended the university of miami. the third and final part of the mega millions winnings is revealed. i'll i doesn't allow winners to stay anonymous. the other winner is from kansas, that person also stayed anonymous. if you're in the washington, d.c. area tomorrow morning you could be treated to
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a unique shuttle fly over. discovery is hitching a ride from florida on a 747. it is headed to the smitsonian museum where it'll go on display. the shuttle is expected to fly near several landmarks including the national mall before landing around 11:00. it's like a timber box out there with widespread concern over the possibility of forest fires. drought like conditions has some maryland counties under water restrictions and has everyone hoping for rain. >> reporter: a four alarm fire took nearly 100 firefighters to douse the blaze which burned almost 2 acres. >> it was very scary, it came very quickly. the fire came within a couple of feet from the road. >> reporter: a warning is now issued banning any open burning. >> any open campfires or open fire pits, things like that. you cannot do that right now due to the potential for that fire getting away and starting a large brush fire.
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>> reporter: high winds and dry vegetation could be a recipe for disaster when it comes to fire. >> any small fire can immediately progress to a very large fire in a matter of minutes. >> reporter: and it's not just maryland facing these dry conditions it's the same situation up and down the east coast. >> it'll be really interesting to see what happens this year, because we've never seen weather like we've seen this past year. >> reporter: mcpherson with the u.s. geological service says the rains from tropical storm irene and lee helped to level the region but storms caused the water to plummet. >> winter is when the rainfalls, it replaces our rainwater. >> reporter: officials are praying for a little help. >> we're hoping for mother nature to kick in and give us some rain here shortly. >> reporter: no water revics have been issued -- restrictions have been issued yet. reservoir levels are still at 15%. >> we are hoping we get some
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rain sometime soon. you have any in the forecast? there are a couple of chances, the first one coming late wednesday and another chance maybe a better chance for the weekend. we might get some of that much needed rain. right now it's dry and warm. take a look at the temperature this time of night. 78degrees now. it's i mean it's really pleasant temperature because the humidity is way down. still southwest winds seven, the barometer actually holding steady at 299.5-inches. around the state very warm. this time of year, the dewpoint has come up a little bit but still very dry. 64 in oakland, and 68 down by the ocean, ocean city. locally temperatures it's a warm night for april. eight this city, 72 in annapolis, rock hall by the way the winds getting a little cooler at 68 degrees.
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90degrees today. yes, the previous high was in 2002. that was also 90. we tied the record, 65 is the normal or average high this time of year. 43 the normal low, last night was 56, the record low 40 in 1962. right now the winds southwest keeping us in the warm air a little bit longer but late tonight they start turning to the northwest. texas into louisiana and some of the south we think some of this moisture may come just to our south. may get into the baltimore area. northern maryland by late in the day and wednesday. we're hoping it looks like maybe a slightly better chance, some of that warm moisture will be running into the area and high pressure to the north may bring in some of those northwest winds. so it might be just an area that develops with some light rain late in the day on wednesday. you see the front, not a cloud with it. but by laid wednesday that low
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pressure to the south. looks like at least a model showing some rain before it clears out and gets very pleasant for thursday. but by the weekend chance of more showers. gusty winds overnight. a very mild night, 60 degrees. tomorrow sun and a few clouds. very pleasant, 676, normal highs only in the 60s. maybe some showers on wednesday. a chance of rain back here on saturday and sunday with highs in the 60s only, denise. >> all right, fingers crossed. thank you bob. late drama for the orioles in chicago tonight. >> mark has highlights of the ,,
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and the orioles are playing baseball as we speak.
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mark is here to tell us what is going on. >> it looked like a missed opportunity tonight that's a swing and a miss. 12 oriole strike outs against the white sox. the birds fell behind, kept on swinging. rineld did not start, make a catch. 9th inning now, that would cut the orioles deficit to one run. so they're still alive. in the ninth down to their final out. here's adam jones, he delivers deep and gone so that's three homers off closer santiago. jones hasn't hit in all ten games this season. and there's more, the orioles have just scored in the 10th inning they now lead the white sox 5-4 this game still going on. the football birds are busy
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even in april. ravens offseason work outs began today. a year ago they couldn't gather at the team facility. flacco in the midst of negotiating a long term contract. he tells the website he wouldn't be happy if the contract does not get done but he will not make a big deal about it. hockey play offs in dc, oe o ovechkin on home ice. that's the difference in a 4-3 capital's defeat. they now trail 2-1 in the best of seven series, game four on thursday. college basketball news. michigan forward semotrich is coming to maryland. he announced his trade. a power forward who can shoot
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from the outside. he leaves michigan after he left his starting spot mid-way through his sophomore season. he will sit out and year a be eligible to play in 2013. temperatures in the 80s made the boston marathon tougher. 23,000 runners went for it. another 4,000 pulled out because of the excessive heat. even the elite runners struggled. one of the slowest boston marathons in years. wesley career was the men's winner. saran sherob of kenya won the so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. mmm-hmm. and just leave your phone in your purse. i don't want you texting, all right? daddy...ok! ok, here you go.
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a missing penguin is back safe and sound after taken for a wild ride. dirk was taken from the theme park by a men that were out partying. the men panicked when they realized they had taken a real penguin. they left him in at a lake and someone who saw him on the news recognized him. some children saw the distressed kitty and called the fire department. they were able to saw the pipe and free him. though we can't say curiosity didn't kill the cat instead it gave us an interesting story. ,, ,,
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